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psd2css Online

Free, Fast and Easy CSS Web Pages

psd2css online converts your fantastic, creative, artistic, no holds barred web page designs into strict XHTML compliant CSS web pages automatically. Use Photoshop or The Gimp to express yourself and create the most professional, aesthetically perfect and functional designs you can think of. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is technically the best way to build your web pages.

Upload your Photoshop design, download your HTML file and images. It's that simple.


Scrolling Content Without Writing Code

This is another dynamic content feature of psd2css Online that you can use without writing any code. With this feature you can create content that scrolls across, up, or down the screen. You can include almost anything in the scrolling content that you would like, links, images, or text. You can scroll a big region or a very small region - you just draw it in photoshop (not image rollovers yet though).

To make this feature work you need to define 2 special layers named with these Layer Naming Conventions: the '_scrollcontent' layer and the '_scrollframe' layer.

The '_scrollcontent' layer is the content that you want to have scroll. You can use the psd2css Online notion of 'insideness' to put all sorts of art and text within the '_scrollcontent' layer to be scrolled (see the demo). The '_scrollframe' layer defines the space in which the '_scrollcontent' scrolls. The '_scrollframe' will serve as a mask for the '_scrollcontent'. You make them a pair by naming them with the same root or first part of the name. For example you might make a layer called banner_scrollcontent that you want to scroll within another layer you name banner_scrollframe. The 'banner' part of those names is what binds them together.

You can vary the speed and direction of the scroll too by following some simple instructions that are generated right in the HTML code for you in the comments. See the video tutorial for a hands on demonstration of how '_scrollcontent' and '_scrollframe' work.