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Create an Entire Website from a Single PSD File

This is an example of the new '_page' Layer Naming Convention for psd2css Online. You can use it to create many web pages all connected to one another with a single PSD design. That's right, build an entire website from one PSD file! Click on the menu items above to bring up other pages all generated at once from one PSD file - no coding by hand required (only had to add the text)!

Here is how it works: Each PSD layer with '_page' in it's name will cause a new .html file to be generated. The new .html files are named after each of the '_page' layers. For example, if you have a layer named 'about_page' in your PSD file, an .html file will be generated and called about.html. What's important is that of all the '_page' layers, only the 'about_page' layer (and all the layers inside that layer) will be reflected in the about.html file, only the 'contact_page' layer (and layers inside it) will be reflected in the contact.html, etc. Also, we modified the behavior of '_link' and '_linkover' to automatically fill in the href link with an html page of the name of the link. So now 'contact_link' will automatically link to contact.html. Here is a great video tutorial that explains '_page' in detail.

Here is the PSD file used to make these web pages

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psd2css Online converts your creative and artistic web page designs into dynamic XHTML and CSS web pages automatically. Use Photoshop or The Gimp to express yourself and create the most professional, aesthetically perfect, dynamic and functional designs you can think of. Over 26 different features for you to use and add to your web pages and adding more all the time.

Upload your Photoshop design, download your HTML file, javascript and images. It's that simple.

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