The '_close' Example

In this example you'll see how to make 'close' buttons in your web page that will close any content on your page that you would like - all without writing a single line of code

When ever you have an element of your page that you would like to be able to close or make disappear in a nice animated fashion, use the '_close' feature. Put a layer inside the layer that you would like to make closeable and name that layer something with the letters '_close' in it. When you convert that PSD file with psd2css Online, you will automatically get code generated that will make that _close layer behave as a button to close whatever layer it is inside (it's parent).

On this page, we used the '_link' and '_menu' Layer Naming Conventions to make a simple drop down menu (I did removed the lines to stop the menu from closing by itself automatically). As you can see, you can now use the _close box to close the menu.

Here is the PSD file used to make this page

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This is an example of the _cl