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A Feedback Form using psd2css Online

A Feedback Form using psd2css Online

Wow!! We're Back Online!

So how exciting was THAT?! Can you say Risk Mitigation? wow.

So that was the mad scramble of what to do when your ISP disappears without notice.

We are nearly completely back online. The service to you the end user is exactly as it was before the problem started. The forums, the blog, the tutorials and the documentation are all back online too. Whew.

CSS Reset

I added a CSS Reset to the output from psd2css Online today. Just do your HTML, Drupal or Joomla conversion and you will get it automatically.

I've gotten a number of questions that boil down to different browsers having different default settings for some kinds of elements that you can put in your page. I've been frustrated occasionally too when the content of a _text layer doesn't line up exactly at the top due to a default margin on a paragraph element for a given browser.

Presenting psd2css Online at the OCPHP/Drupal Meetup

I'll be demonstrating the Drupal features of psd2css Online at the Orange County PHP/Drupal Meetup on Thursday, February 5. Check here for info:

Demos, examples, Q&A. Come and see how simple it is to create a complete Drupal Theme with psd2css Online.

A Common Misconception for Drupal and Joomla Regions

It seems there is a common misconception about how to define a region when using the Drupal and Joomla Theme building features in psd2css Online. The bottom line is that those layers you define that are named with the _joomla or _drupal Layer Naming Conventions get replaced by the content - they don't act as the background to the content. If you want a background (or border, etc.) for each region of content, you need to design that into your Photoshop file separately.

Here is the PSD used in the video:

An Expanding Theme Example for Drupal

A lot of people have been asking how to make the borders or the design of the page expand along with the Drupal content when designing a Drupal Theme. There's an old example for regular HTML/CSS pages in the video tutorials (, but I decided to make another example that is Drupal specific as well.

Here is the example site:

Here is the PSD file used to make that theme:

Joomla Templates from your PSD Designs

Joomla Templates from your PSD Designs

Google Maps in Your Web Page

Google Maps in Your Web Page

Locking Yourself Out of Your Drupal Site

A big tip for the Drupal Theme developers: If you happen to design a theme that doesn't have a content_drupal layer, or a left_drupal layer (for the default blocks/regions settings), or in any way are not able to administrate your Drupal theme anymore due to a theme that doesn't show the admin controls, you can regain control of your Drupal install by deleting the psd2css folder in sites/all/themes and visiting your site again. It will look terrible (completely CSS and layout free text), but you will have access to everything including the admin section.

A Big Improvement for Drupal Themes

Found and fixed a big issue with generated Drupal Themes today. It's big enough to warrant a story :)

Before today I knew there was a popular Drupal module that didn't work while a psd2css Online Drupal Theme was current. One of my awesome users pointed out another module today that didn't work, and that brought some light to what the issue was. The issue has been fixed and now ALL modules work as they are supposed to under a psd2css Online generated Drupal Theme.

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