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Alternative Centering Option

Alternative Centering Option

Another way to center your page is within the browser.
1. Create a large layer that is in the very back, and includes, all of the other layers in your PSD design.
2. Name that layer '_center2'
3. Convert. Everything will be centered in the browser!

Just one '_center2' layer is necessary, but all other layers need to be inside of that layer.

Tutorial 57: Floating Custom Tool Tips

Tool Tips are easy and great 'call outs' to bring extra information to a specific area of your website. They can be informational, additional detailed info or just used for fun to create additional content.
Just make a layer in your PSD file with the Layer Naming Convention '_tooltip' in the name, then put a '_text' section inside it for the text of your tool tips. You make it work by wrapping anything with a span tag where the class is 'tooltip' and the title is the text you want to show up in your tooltip. It's that easy. Here is an example, and here is another.

Expanding Background

Expanding Background

If you are looking to be able to expand your background to your entire page no matter the browser window size, just label your layer with '_bodybg' in the name. The image will be treated as a background to the entire page no matter how wide the browser window is made.

By default, the image will repeat vertically and horizontally. Your image can be a texture for a repeating background pattern, long narrow layers to fill your page, or solid colors.


Tutorial 38: CSS Background Image

CSS Background Image

If you want to define your background image as a CSS layer, just label your layer '_bkgnd'. All images in your PSD file are automatically image contents, but you can easily specify them as a background region/image with the label '_bkgnd'.

Tutorial 30 Body Background

This is the future location for tutorial for Body Background

Vator Splash Pitch Contest

We are competing in the Vator Splash Pitch Competition and need your votes!

CEOs and/or founders of 10 companies, chosen by their peers and vetted by judges, will have the opportunity to present onstage and give a three-minute pitch in front of some 400 business professionals, comprising of executives from startups and large companies, angel investors, VCs, and media.

Vator is holding its fourth Vator Splash event in San Francisco to find up-and-coming, early-stage startups to present at the Vator Splash event on the evening of February 3, 2011 at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco.

Free Unlimited Monthly Feature

Some features are going to be free? What? That is right! As we have mentioned before, all those who are on the fence regarding our Unlimited Features we are going to be enticing you with one for free for a monht. The monthly free feature is going to pull you to the dark side of UNLIMITED USE!

So this month to kick it off, we are going to allow the BRAND NEW feature the Text Stylizer as well as our most popular multi-media feature the Video Player! So for the entire month of October we are opening it up to the masses!

Check out what they offer with these tutorials!

Text Stylizer:

Video Feature:

If you have any questions just let us know!

Social Plug-Ins Are A Must To Increase Web Traffic

Social Plug-Ins Are A Must To Increase Web Traffic

Stylize Your Text Right in the Preview

Stylize Your Text Right in the Preview

The Text Stylizer - The best thing since sliced bread.

We Are Looking for Programmers

psd2css Online is the premiere and first team to develop automated conversions
tools for dynamic web development and applications. Our application takes a
Photoshop PSD graphic file and instantaneously convert it to a dynamic website
including many custom features and social add-ins for all. Whether that be a
stand-alone website or a skin to one of the many Content Management Systems, we
provide simple and streamlined development capabilities. We effectively fill
the gap between Site Design to Web Functionality with no coding required by the

PHP Developer

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