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Make Reusable Components for your Web Pages

Make Reusable Components for your Web Pages

By default psd2css Online makes all the layers and images named 'Layer-1', 'Layer-2', 'Layer-3'... But if you want to create separate PSD files to use as reusable components accross a number of web pages, you run into naming collisions - you can only have one Layer-1 DIV in your web page for example.

That's why we've added the '_basename' Layer Naming Convention. You can name one layer in your PSD file 'something_basename' and instead of 'Layer-1' and 'Layer-2', etc. psd2css Online will generate 'something-1' and 'something-2' layers and something-1.png and something-2.png, etc.

Here are the files from the video tutorial:

I need detailed help on the copy/pasting of code with _basename!

I have an image intensive, 40+ page, designer portfolio site I'm trying to build and mastering this feature would be invaluable to understand and absolutely essential for me to complete my project. I would theoretically only need the "Multiple Pages from One PSD" feature for psd2css Online to satisfy my need, but because there is an 8MB limit, I am left with having to upload it piecemeal as multiple(40+) PSD files, and try to combine the code via copy/pasting from all the html, css and javascript files.

While I understand the concept of "_basenaming" you present here, I'm still a non-coder kinda guy and, with all due respect, you've completely lost me from the 5'30" mark. I've downloaded and have been working with the "nav" and "body" PSD files offered here in the tutorial, but the tutorial at this point is too fast more me, the video is so low rez, I can't follow which document you're in or at where you start and end your highlighting of code. I'm using Dreamweaver to edit all the generated code, but there's just no way, at my limited level, to follow the intricacies of your process.

Can you offer some additional instruction or have a tech walk me through this? I've built a much simpler page ( previously using psd2css Online and my jaw is still dropped on the floor at what you've created here.

I desperately need some help on this one (and quite soon I might add)!

Clark D

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