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Professional Services

Announcing psd2css Online Professional Services

To date psd2css Online has been used for over 518655 conversions of PSD files to CSS/XHTML compliant web pages. Our online support forum includes pretty much every issue and every solution we've run accross during that time.

Many of the support challenges have been centered around the need to optimize and prepare a PSD file for conversion by psd2css Online. You can certainly make a PSD file with 100 layers and feed it to psd2css Online - but a web page with 100 CSS regions is almost certainly not the most efficient web page you could build. As well there are filters and special effects in Photoshop that may need some special attention, there are links to make live and text to fill in after the conversion is finished. psd2css Online does a lot of your work for you, but there can be some more effort before your ready for the web. It's all very well documented on the site but you still may not wish to take these steps yourself.

That's not to mention the myriad of possibilities when you add just a little extra programming or CSS development to a page already generated by psd2css Online.

That's why we're now offering psd2css Online Professional Services.


PSD Prep and Conversion

  • Optimization of your PSD file - preparation to help psd2css Online generate the most efficient HTML code and images possible
  • Converting your PSD file to valid CSS/HTML using the psd2css Online engine
  • Making links live
  • Adding the text portions of your page including code for font definition and behavior
  • Further explaination and personal email discussion with you about the generated code and comments, and the directions you have available to further develop your web pages

Cost: $70/hr USD, Invoiced via Paypal Invoice, 15 minute increments, English only currently

Design and Programming

  • Custom javascript and/or CSS code added by hand to the HTML to achieve extra functionality that psd2css Online doesn't do automatically
  • Artistic input and effort from our affiliate Professional Web Designers
  • Help with design and implementation of PHP or other scripting and database on the server side to achieve required results
  • Art and Design effort per your specifications to make sure you get exactly the pages you're looking for

Cost: $100/hr USD, Invoiced via Paypal Invoice, 15 minute increments, 1 hour minimum, English only currently


You will always recieve the modified PSD file(s) used to make the conversion, as well as all generated HTML, javascript and image files. You will also receive email and optionally scheduled phone support with answers to questions, and suggestions for further improvements to your site if possible. For Design and Programming efforts, you will receive (and becomes your property) any additional source code generated for the effort.

Get Started Today!

Just email your current PSD file(s) and a description of what you need to have done to:

Be sure to let us know if you are sending your PSD file(s) for 'PSD Prep and Conversion' or are looking for 'Design and Programming'. If you are looking for 'PSD Prep and Conversion' we will get the modified PSD and generated HTML and images to you within 24 hours. If you are looking for 'Design and Programming' we will either generate a proposal for you or ask for specific clarification within 24 hours.

We're looking forward to working with you. Thank you.

Shaun McIntyre



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