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Expanding Sections for Dynamic Text

Expanding Sections for Dynamic Text

Notice!! There is a MUCH simpler way to do this now! You can view the tutorials below if you want, but the EASY, NEW and IMPROVED way to do it is found here:

Even though psd2css Online takes static PSD files as input, you can still use it with a little editing to get HTML/CSS web pages that expand with your dynamic content. Here is a new video tutorial that shows how.

The PSD file in the tutorial is available here:

and the generated and modified page can be viewed here:

Here is another example (notice the search bar in the region in the footer):


Thanks for the tutorial. Everything is very clear. I like Drupal a lot for its support. There are so many books and tutorials in the Internet. As for me, I often download them from free files SE or from the sites like yours.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Order of layers

When I tried this, my top and bottom went into opposite positions. I changed the order of my layers around in Photoshop and it made the top appear on top and the bottom on the bottom as they should. So... the layers should be in this order starting at the bottom of your layers palette: backgrounds, top_relative, middle_relative, bottom_relative.

Excellent advice. I can't

Excellent advice. I can't believe I didn't mention that. Thank you very much.


Expanding Sections work for Joomla! also?


Can you use this for expanding layers in Joomla! aswell?

In Joomla! you have a Left, Right and a Footer position.
I made a PSD.template, converted with your site. Works great for static context, but when there gets too much info in the Left or Right layer, the text simple runs over my footer instead of 'pushing' my footer down and make the left and right expand.

It would be great if i knew if this is possible, i've been trying for it the whole day allrdy.

Anyways, thanks for any reply, and great job on your site!


Expanding Sectinos work for Joomla

I have also tried to no avail to make this work as well..Shaun...does this work?

Try the new _frame Layer

Try the new _frame Layer Naming Convention. Thanks.

video for Expanding Sections for Dynamic Text

the quality of this video is so bad.... we can't see everything clearly....

Reply to above

The quality of the video IS fairly bad but, if you download his PSD file and refer to the page he built; You should be able to duplicate everything properly.

I've created a page without using the video. Also, if you're using Gimp don't frustrate yourself by forgetting to crop your layers.

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