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But I need text on my page!

But I need text on my page!
Yeah, that sounds pretty important. Actually you can use this technique to put anything into your page - text, images, advertising, flash - anything that you would drop into a plain old html file.

Here is the .psd file used in the tutorial and the resulting web page (after the text modification in the video)

Same problem

I can't find where to change the fonts and color in notepad, I can only change the actuall words in the text area. If you can can direct me that would be great...thanks


hi Shaun
This website is amazing and has helped me so much but as i am not a website designer and have no experience with the coding i got a bit lost following your tutorial. After you have added you own text you then go on to change the font size etc, how did you get to that? i am using notepad++. what do you use because that might be why i am struggling a bit.

uncomment the auto tag

I tried uncommenting the auto tag so my context would wrap and continue down but it's not working? How did you change you navigations buttons hovering over effect? Did you just create 2 different images in the psd file and it creates the javascript on its own and how does it know to do that?

Very helpful!

wow thank you so much with this tut now I can add my text!

Text on site

How would we be able to add a scroll to the text?, i.e in a small window that has text content but not enough space to include multiple paragraphs from the text_text layer.

Can we use Microsoft Expressions

Hi Shaun,

I followed your demo. I wanted to know if I could use Microsoft Expressions Web as my text editor and if so, would you happen to know how?


Hi Miss Theresa 2009 - I

Hi Miss Theresa 2009 -

I don't own a copy of that and in fact am not familiar with it at all. If it will allow you to edit HTML files then the answer is probably yes. You can give it a try and let us know how it goes :)



Want text over image

So I have my image all sliced up, saved in a folder, and the HTML ready and all. But where Iw ant my text, I have like a gray background /backdrop for it. How do I add text to it, without the image being removed?

Is this relevant to Drupal?

This looks like the same thing as content_drupal

Yeah, generally you are

Yeah, generally you are going to use some _drupal layer for a Drupal theme. You can use a _text layer if you have text that you want to always be visible on every page, but there are Drupal ways to do that too.


Quick question

I can't help to stop watching what you do Shaun. It really is something interesting and a lot of people out there should be great full to this type of information.

I doing the same work with Wordpress, starting from a psd base and converting it into a wordpress template.

I saw somewhere that so far the only areas covered are:
- Main text area
- Menu area

Do you have an estimate on when via psd2css we will be able to to the same you do to get the standard html template?

So far to me it looks like that the steps to follow are:

from PSD to Html to Wordpress Theme

This is a time consuming process that requires a lot of trick manual work and sometimes, if you want some help with it, cost. any views on this point?

Thanks again, fantastic job!

Hello Antonio.trotta - All of

Hello Antonio.trotta -

All of the regular psd2css Online features work when you are making a WordPress theme. Give it a try - build a design with whatever features in it (_link, _linkover, _menu, form features, whatever), and use the content_wordpress and sidebar_wordpress features for where you want the content to show. All of the other features will work just like they do for HTML, but the generated code will be a working WordPress theme.

If I'm misunderstanding the request, please let me know though. Thanks.

Have fun :)


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