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WordPress Integration on Your Website

WordPress Integration on Your Website

Here's the demo site:

The only 2 regions supported so far are content_wordpress and sidebar_wordpress. Sidebar has all the same menu and search functionality that the sidebar in the classic theme included with WordPress has. Later I'll be adding support for all of those sections and more separately too so you can define where each part goes (a search bar at the top of the page for example).


Very sorry for this stupid question..

How did you access your root folder in terminal? Can't seem to type it in and have no way of accessing it otherwise as a newbie... CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ;D




How can I use the PORTFOLIO functionalities of Wordpress in this process of converting my PSD file through psd2cssonline ?

Thank you for your attention.
Have a blessed day.

far from a wordpress template

Have sent the file and it converted to something the has nothing to do with a Wordpress template, need your help please.

there is the link for the live preview

kindest regards

not working

I find my file and upload it. It starts to process and the clicker goes around. THen all of a sudden it goes to an all white screen with just the upload and choose a file buttons. It never converts the file. It is doing the same thing for the Facebook plugins. However, if I am doing any normal html page then it works. What is going on?

Your template isn't working in wordpress

I downloaded your wordpress psd template, uploaded to your site to get the .zip file and then uploaded to wordpress themes and all I get is a static looking image, no links work and no content is displayed. All of the files are there when I look at the editor in wordpress. I also tried ftping through my hosting company BlueHost and still the same result.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help.




This is a great tool, i wish i could of found out about this before. yet i'm still having trouble setting up the wordpress theme but its coming soon.

here is a link to my theme

Footer for multiple column

My site is here

How can i add a footer to this ? I have multiple content columns

Repeating Background in Wordpress Theme

How do I get a repeating background in the wordpress theme?


This tutorial worked great getting wordpress added. I can't figure out where to change the colors for the Post Title, Older Posts, Comments headings. They are pinkish now. The body text is the color I picked.

Great site you have here.


Insert Picture

Hello Shaun,
Thank for the tutorial, it is working great. When I insert a picture in a new post it does not appear?
Is there anything I should do in the psd file?

multiple page with wordpress?

Hi everybody!

Do you know whether it is possible to design a multiple page css from psd2cssonline for wordpress?


Wordpress posts not showing up in content.. ?

I used the template.psd from the wordpress post, and uploaded it straight to my FTP, and there are no words in the content boxes.

I've tried making my own them as well with no luck. I guess I don't have the hang on how this all works for wordpress just-yet.

Any ideas?

.PSD file:

totally might be a stupid question but I'm new at this

How did you access your root folder in terminal? Can't seem to type it in and have no way of accessing it otherwise as a newbie... CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ;D


How To Layer

hey, could someone please show me how to layer the content, sidebar, links, etc... for the wordpress themes?? please reply or email me at , thank you

Size of the Content and Sidebar sections

How can you code the content and the sidebar (without scrollbars) to increase with the size of the post content? My sidebar content overflows the size of the section and runs off onto other sections.
Here's my page so you can see what I'm talking about

My sidebar content overflows the size of the section

Did you ever figure out how to get your theme to expand with the content?

Layout is Completely Off

Not working at all for me. Here's my PSD:
and here's the result:
Not even close. What am I doing wrong?

Figured it out! Working fine

Figured it out! Working fine now.

psd please

hey, could you give me the link to your latest psd because i want to see how you layered you links and stuff to make it go to the hover thing when you hover thing, do i just add a hover layer or something?

Scroll bars in WP content area

I successfully loaded my new WP theme, but in the content area I have both vertical and horizontal scroll bars, and I don't like them. I expanded my content_wordpress psd layer and I also got rid of the 'footer' at the bottom of my design, but neither change has make the scroll bars go away.

Is there a solution for this? The website is

Thanks so much,

making the scroll bars go away?

Did you ever find a solution to making the scroll bars go away?

Getting white upload screen

Hey Shaun. Just getting going with this, but super excited at the prospect of psd2css online. If I can get this working you'll have a subscriber for life. So I followed the directions putting in the content_wordpress and sidebar_wordpress layers. Then...
- I browse and find the .psd file
- hit "upload"
(The site does its thing for a little bit)
- Then I get a solid white page with the upload box in the top left corner. As seen here.

What am I doing wrong?

Would it help to take a screen capture of the PSD layers?

rename the psd

hey man i got something similar it was because it didn't like the name of my psd file, try not to use spaces and special characters and you will be a ok :)


im trying to put my theme here but its not working.why is it like that?

Non - repeating BG


I have a quick question. If I have a background img that I want to be centered and not repeated how do I do that?


body txt

hi Shaun.

Im think i must be missing something. i created the psd, uploaded it and got my theme... added it to wordpress and activated it. Looks great. But, in the body txt it displayed your "hi, your text goes here" in red. I deleted that... but none of my posts are displaying on my pages. can you explain why?

many thanks


P.s. awesome site.

wordpress psd not working

Hi Shaun,

I'm new here and was hoping to use this amazing service to create some wordpress blogs for my clients. I read through all the documentation and created this cool wordpress theme in hopes that I could convert it but I get tons of problems whenever I try to upload it.

here's a link url to the file. Would you be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong or if there's a feature here that I'm trying to use that is not allowed for wordpress themes?




Hello Shaun. I am trying to build a wordpress site but every time I get one up and going it says that it is not Widgetizable. I can not use any of the many widgets that I enjoy. Can you please help me with this..

Hi GrandCosmic - We used to

Hi GrandCosmic -

We used to have a problem that the generated themes wouldn't deal with widgets but it was addressed some months ago. What widget are you trying to use that is causing the problem? Can you post a link to the PSD here so I can give it a try? Thanks!



Hi Shaun,

I've got a problem, I can't get my theme to center align. I tried adding align=center in to the main div tag, this works in dreamweaver and when i preview it in safari from dw it looks like everything is center aligned but when i put it into word press it is all left aligned again.

just wondered if you had any advice



Hi Will - No worries, we have

Hi Will -

No worries, we have you covered.

Draw a big 'background' layer in Photoshop into your design (or choose a background layer you've already made) that encompasses everything on your page. If you don't need a big background layer name it with the _empty Layer Naming Convention. Add _center to the name. That's it. :) That layer and all layers 'inside' it will center on the page.


Center to browser?

Is there anyway to center the blog to the browser, not the PSD related background (so when the browser is resized it still stays centered)

Hi HOmie - We have 2 :) Try

Hi HOmie -

We have 2 :)

Try _center or _center2



Contect boxes measurements

Hi Shaun,

First off congrats on the great system! Could you please tell me the exact measurements of the contect boxes (main and menu), because in the video you explain those measurements are very important.

Thanks in advance!

Hi kiezel - Possibly I was a

Hi kiezel -

Possibly I was a little unclear. The size of the content and sidebar boxes are important - but only because they are going to be whatever size you make them! So it's important to think about how big you want those regions. And where you want them to be. Just draw them in Photoshop in the spot and whatever size you want and that's where the content will show up.

I hope that clears things up some. Thanks.


Blank Page

Hi, after uploading a psd 1 page file to try, all what i get after the upload is a Blank white Page with a browsing files ??

Base File

Could you give me the link to the psd file that was used to make your example wordpress file?


WordPress Layer names

What layer names can be used in the WordPress Psd?

And where can I find a list of the ones that can be used?

I am liking the idea of this but wondering when the full version of will be ready to go?



on my terminal is takes my wordpress as a "is a directory"

Hi IDKID19 - I'm not sure

Hi IDKID19 -

I'm not sure what the question is. Can you ask again? Thanks.



Im sorry but you sir have an impressive product, did you build this on your own or do you have a staff?

Toxsid - Thank you for the

Toxsid -

Thank you for the kind words. I did write the tool and am at the moment a staff of one.


Wordpress buttons

I take it it is not possible yet, but have you any plans to develop this to allow the custom creation of buttons for a wordpress site??
I am designing a horror site, and would love to be able to create it using your PSD2Wordpress facility.

Fantastic work by the way !!!!

Hi macgraphic - The _link and

Hi macgraphic -

The _link and _linkover features work perfectly in a WordPress theme. But you do have edit the href tags to point to the WordPress pages that you want. The href tags will be very easy to find in the index.php file - they have a comment right above them with the layer name you made in Photoshop.



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