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Joomla Templates from your PSD Designs

Joomla Templates from your PSD Designs

Joomla 1.5 templates from your Photoshop or Gimp designs. Now you can use the popular Joomla Content Management System (CMS) to build a professional, full featured website and enjoy your custom designed template.

The Joomla feature is brand new and simple - so far. It works very similarly to the Drupal features. For any of the standard Joomla regions you simply add a layer denoting where you want Joomla content to appear and name the layer right. Accepted names are:

* content_joomla - this is the most important one. This is where most of the regular Joomla content gets rendered by default.
* breadcrumb_joomla
* left_joomla
* right_joomla
* top_joomla
* user1_joomla
* user2_joomla
* user3_joomla
* user4_joomla
* footer_joomla
* debug_joomla
* syndicate_joomla

All of the other psd2css Online features will work in your template as well.

Here is the example site:

If you are on a look out for hosting your Joomla site, you have a look at reviews of some best Joomla
companies listed at

Oh - and if you are a Joomla expert and have an idea for a joomla feature to add or in any way to improve the generated code, drop me a note! Thanks.


To Get Your Joomla Theme To Expand With Your Content

By default, your theme is static - it will be exactly the layout you made in photoshop. But more often than not, you'll want your theme to expand with your content - when there is a long article, you want the footer, and the frame around your content to grow vertically to compensate. Here is a tutorial that addresses making your theme expand with your Joomla content:

Same Issue

Just a little more to your answer,
I had the same issue,
the template just needed to be kept as "psd2css" and it worked.
Thanks for your great work.


it seems... if the owner of this business and website gives people the option to ask questions on his site but doesn't have the time to answer any question as I see unanswered questions here. A shame.

Joomla error

So I made a template and had Psd2css process it. When I tried to upload the file to Joomla I received and error saying no XML file. Any hints?

Error! Could not find an XML setup file in the package.

I am also getting this error...did you find any help?

Hi - Kafff - you probably

Hi -

Kafff - you probably were using the Joomla tool while I had a bug in there. The bug has been fixed. Anybody else who is getting that error is probably not doing the conversion while they are logged in or while their account is current.


I'm gettings the same error too:(

Hi Shaun, I followed your advise, logged in this time and tried again, but still no xml file was generated.

The preview file I viewed before downloading looked great, but it appears Joomla needs to have this file for it to work.

If you or anyone else manages to solve this problem I would be very grateful


Hi Arhon - If you are seeing

Hi Arhon -

If you are seeing a preview file, then you definitely are not using _joomla layers. If a Joomla (or Drupal or WordPress) theme is generated, I can't give you a preview. Instead you'll see a message about how CMS themes can't be previewed (I'd have to make a whole clean install of each CMS for every PSD uploaded).

Please check your layer names again. Notice that case is important (content_Joomla won't work - content_joomla will). Also be sure that you are logged in and that you are either within your first 2 weeks free, or have a paid account.

If you still really think it's not working, please post your PSD file here and we'll see what's going on.



Still Showing No XML

Hi Shaun I downloaded your file and just changned an image but when I uploaded to joolma it gives me Could not find an XML setup file in the package. So what do I do now?

Hi Mastabolt - I think

Hi Mastabolt -

I think something is going wrong in the process, so I'll start asking questions to zero in on the problem.

You say you've used exactly the example PSD file from this site, right (well you said you changed one image - but you didn't change any layer names)?

Are there any XML files in the zip file that you downloaded?

How did you install the theme?



I had the problem

I had this problem after changing a few things in my template. My problem was that I had to unzip the and insert an FLV file. When I did this it unzipped to a folder called templates(2). This was because I didn't previously delete the old templates folder. When I repacked it into a zip file that folder remained templates(2) and when joomla attempts to unpack it joomla looks for an XML file within a folder called templates. When that folder isn't named templates anymore joomla stops looking. Make sure the folder names stay the same and delete or move any folders from previous files unpacked.

For Joomla Expanded

I've download the PSD you've posted for the last video with Joomla Expanded. I've uploaded to psd2cssonline and transformed it to a joomla template.I uploaded on my joomla (Joomla_1.5.11-Stable-Full_Package) site then I set it as default and it is not showing me every piece for example in my right instead of left_joomla I have a big whole. The psd2css_link is a little under the top. Then I've tried to do a template from scratch helped by the tutorial but the content_joomla_relative and footer_joomla are moved to the left of the screen (and between them is a wide space) and the top is centered correctly (here looks like only the container_empty is move to the left)

More users

Very nice work! Bravo!!

Why dont you put more positions?

All those at Tutorial staff can be used for joomla template creation?

Sorry 4 my bad english.

Joomla can't install the template

I just done the .psd file and use this site to convert to the joomla template, when i install it, the system give me the error message which is Error! Could not find an XML setup file in the package.

why is that, please help, thanks.

PSD-file from the last video

Thanks, Shaun, my respect, you have made a great site!)

Can you, please, make a PSD file from the last video available for download.


Doh! Of course. Thanks

Doh! Of course. Thanks Evgen for noticing that I hadn't posted the link. It's in the article above now.


Great topic

Great topic.I am learning joomla nowadays..Here I got valuable information very clearly.Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Expanding Text

Can I use the expanding text feature in a Joomla template? More detailed info on creating Joomla templates would be helpful. Great site!

Yep - just made a new video

Yep - just made a new video tutorial yesterday (and fixed a bug :)) Find it here:



Thanks for the tutorial, it is very nice, but I am still having problem- how to make links connected to joomla gui categories? When I name my layer "menus_link" it is trying to get me to joomla_web_page/menus.php.
Joomla links are built as joomla_web_page/index.php?args....

thank you for answer. nelf.

Hi Nelf - Yep exactly. So

Hi Nelf -

Yep exactly. So you need to edit the index.php file by hand then and change the href="..." tag to match whatever it is that you want that _link to point to.




Hey Shaun,

At first i was sceptical about this whole PSD2CSS Website, but now i see from this joomla version you have created one hell of a tool. From this i can now make 100% custom templates for my customers in a matter of hours, instead of having to get a pre made template and alter it. Now its especially annoying when you find an awsome template but the Modules are in completley the wrong position from what you want. I need to ask though... What if you wanted a custom module name? insted of having to stick to that list you have produced... or there arn't enough modules for the website at hand and you need some more, what would you do then?

but great site. I would love to donate for your work you have done. Now i will be able to create more customers sites in a very short time.

Thanks again


Am I missing something incredibly obvious? The CSS that this tool produces is something NO self-respecting web developer would ever write. Absolute positioning? Fixed heights and widths? Heck, you might as well have done this with HTML tables...

dwhsix...yes, you are missing something, very clearly...

This tool is NOT designed for WEB DEVELOPERS and yes, that is "incredibly obvious". It is designed for Photoshop designers that do not know how to write code... And frankly, I'm producing fully functional websites using it that are 10 times nicer looking than many I see from very experienced web developers. This tool is ingenious.

dwhsix - Thanks for you

dwhsix - Thanks for you comment. You are as you know not alone with your opinion.

What I've noticed is that absolute positioning vs totally fluid designs is one of those religious type issues that people can get pretty excited about. Like PC vs MAC, OpenSource vs Microsoft, VIM vs all other text editors, etc. (VIM all the way! :) )

The fact is psd2css Online supports vertically expanding content with _relative layers and we support _floatleft and _floatright. They help, but I know you can't call that totally fluid design.

psd2css Online takes a static image as input. And as a tool intended to help streamline and optimize the process of getting from design to working web site, absolute positions sort of fall out of the paradigm. If you want to do totally fluid designs, you might decide psd2css Online isn't the tool for you.

I've seen too with most professional web developers who look into using psd2css Online is that they see a spot for it early in their process building a site for a client. The see that the structure of the code isn't exactly what they've always created by hand. But they also recognize that the hours that are saved having psd2css Online generate the initial structure and all the files with all the clients art is huge. They can get more clients done in a day and that's a big win for them.

But thank you very much for your thoughts. Please feel free to continue participating in our forums!


Old Joomla 1.0.15

Hai Shaun..

Your website is amazing and really help people especially converting to famous CMS such as Drupal and Joomla

But for Joomla why you dont create for the version 1.0.15 because that version of Joomla still used until today and me myself only can make custom components or module in Joomla 1.0.15 . :-D

But I still found your web is great !

For now on I will use your web as my tools for web development...



makes sense

Shaun -- as you say, might make sense as a way to jump-start some work. My comment was based on on a brief glance at the sample page created, since I was intrigued at how this tool would accomplish what I thought would be very difficult to do automatically.

(and btw, I'm an Emacs man myself ;-) )

Ok, well, Emacs people are

Ok, well, Emacs people are welcome here too :)
Thanks for you comments. Check back now and again, I'm making improvements all the time.


Been waiting for this and couldn't be happier!!!


never did PSD to Joomla and lost got last week an offer to do one.I was thinking to give it away until I drooped on this site! what can I say- Bravo and more!!
now going to work on it...


Admin and Publisher at:
Web and Graphic design

topmenu drawing design

How can I use my topmenu drawing design tab buttons.
Should I give every drawing button a differtent layer name?
Normally there is a topmenu but I want to use my own drawing design buttons


graphic top menu

I have a topmenu drawing design how can I make it work should in joomla.
Should I give every button a different layer and name.
Normally there is a topmenu in joomla but I want to use my own drawing design tab buttons.
Is this possible


graphic top menu

I have a topmenu drawing design how can I make it work should in joomla.
Should I give every button a different layer and name.
Normally there is a topmenu in joomla but I want to use my own drawing design tab buttons.
Is this possible


graphic top menu

I have a topmenu drawing design how can I make it work should in joomla.
Should I give every button a different layer and name.
Normally there is a topmenu in joomla but I want to use my own drawing design tab buttons.
Is this possible


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