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Make Links and Buttons with your Layer Names

Make Links and Button with your Layer Names

Now you can add links and buttons to your webpage just by how you name your photoshop layers. Check out this new video tutorial to see how.

Here is the page generated in the tutorial and the .psd file used:

Update! - The code generated for this tutorial has been updated using a newer version of psd2css Online. The new generated code doesn't match the code you see in the video exactly, but the fact that there are links, and the way that you find them (searching for the layer name from your PSD in the comments in the generated HTML file) works fine.

Your link not working

Try putting the http:// in front of


wordpress.Yea putting http:// worked

Video Quality is horrible

video is horrible

If you change the video

If you change the video settings to 480p it's not that bad :)

Max video settings

Your video settings is only 360p.

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