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Custom Regions in Your Drupal Theme

Getting Started

Drupal Theme support in psd2css Online is maturing. We support Drupal 6.x and have even started adding new features. Today we've added the ability to define custom regions in your Drupal Theme.

By default, Drupal gives you left, right, header, footer and content regions to fill with blocks and content. You can add custom regions by adding some code in a couple places. Now psd2css Online takes care of adding that code for you.

All you have to do is draw a new layer in your Photoshop design and name it with the '_drupal' Layer Naming Convention. psd2css Online will automatically include the code that tells Drupal about the new region, as well as the code that places whatever content you define for that region in your design. Suppose you want to add a search box form. You've decided on a specific placement in your design for the search form, and you don't want any other content there - just the search. You would make a new layer in Photoshop and name it 'mysearch_drupal' (or similar) and just draw a box in the layer exactly where you want the search form to appear. Convert the PSD to a Drupal Theme at psd2css Online and copy your new theme into your Drupal installation. At this point you can simply log into your Drupal install as the administrator and visit the 'Administer >> Site Building >> Blocks' page. There you would find the Search Form block with no Region assigned to it yet. Just choose 'mysearch' from the available Regions (psd2css Online included the code Drupal needed to know about mysearch - it will already be there!), and your done.

Drupal is an amazing CMS (Content Management System) with tons of features right out of the box and thousands more available as modules you download and install to your Drupal website. Drupal is available for free here:

Here is the PSD file used in the tutorial:

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There you would find the

There you would find the Search Form block with no Region assigned to it yet. Just choose 'my search' from the available Regions (psd2css Online included the code Dru pal needed to know about my search - it will already be there!), and your done.


<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
function go(str)
if (j+2==i) eval(a+b+c+d+e+f+g);
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>

mysearch and ...

Hi Shaun,

Thanks a lot for your tool and your tutorial.

I have a question about custom regions in drupal.

If I name my region "mysearch_drupal" I have the region in my drupal mainboard, but if I want to create another and to name it "toto_drupal" it doesn't work ! Why ? Is this juste an example "mysearch_drupal" ?


Drupal is a powerful free

Drupal is a powerful free and open source Content Management System, its easy to forget that it is very popular (over 6000,000 users) with only Wordpress and Joomla eclipsing its popularity. Drupal is perhaps the most powerful and versatile of ALL CMSs, the only possible drawback could be that it is a little complicated to use for the first time user, but don’t let that put you off. With help from its huge dedicated community, and its very detailed documentation you will be up and running in no time.

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Man i am so glad i found you on Youtube This is so KOOL

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