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Create a Complete Multipage Website from a Single Photoshop File

Create a Complete Multipage Website from a Single Photoshop File

Now you can make a complete website with many pages connected to your custom menu from a single Photoshop design. With the new '_page' feature all you have to do is design what is unique to each page as a separate layer. psd2css Online will generate all the pages of your site using a shared external CSS file and connect your menu items to your pages too.

Here is an example:

Here is the PSD file used to make the example:

Here is the high quality version of the video:

Take a quick look at the

Take a quick look at the Guidelines to seoogl

menus work buuut, the linkovers....

Quick question.... Testing for me has the pages and the menus working fine but the part that I need to find a work around for is the way the link shows after you follow one.

For instance:
Menu items: Index, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

When I start on Index, all is fine.
When I click on page 2 link, it takes me there correctly but the menu items all look exactly as they did when I was sitting on the Index page. It does that for every page so that the end user can only tell what page they are on based on the data on the page, not by any indication from the menu system.

Is there a way to have the linkover for the page, remain active when you are on a given page? So if I go to page 3, it's linkover stays so that I can quickly see what page I'm on?


Nobody knows how to fix it??

Nobody knows how to fix it??

Link on page stays highlighted

I would say, even though im new to this is actually to copy the image for the highlight(linkover) on to the actual page it is needed on and leave it as an image. Do not name it_linkover. You understand? The menu one will be named _linkover and place an copy image of that named whatever in the folder for that specific page.


Decide if any patches,

Decide if any patches, emblems, or names will be on thesoccer jersey. Certain leagues require patches or emblems. If so, add those to the design list. Common places for those items on the soccer jerseys would be on the chest or on the upper-arm sleeve. Also determine if the team name will be written across the chest. If so, pick a font color and real madrid jersey.

problem with multiple pages

Hi everybody!

I uploaded my psd file online and when I check the preview after the coding process, the links expected to redirect me on the other pages doesn't work!

They all redirect to the index page

Also, on the same page, when I have 2+ links expected to redirect to one of my pages (let's say the contact page), the linkover function doesn't work on those links nor the _hmenu function.

I checked the spelling and ordering many times on my psd file, tried some changes but I always get the sames results if not worse after uploading my file!

Any help?


In the layer window, I

In the layer window, I changed the ordering of the groups corresponding to each page so that, for instance, the index_page/group is located at the lowest in the layer ordering and the contact_page/group is on the top of that same ordering (providing that the menu link that corresponds to the contact_page is on the farthest right of the nav bar as it is often the case on any websites).

It's like the corresponding nav bar links' ordering have to conversely match the ordering of the pages/groups in the layer window.

I don't know whether it is the way to solve my issue but it's working now!

Tell me if I'm wrong!!

broken links

I love this website, however I've got some issues.
I am working in joomla but my buttons are not text, it is images, therefore I've decided to make my pages in psd2css instead of directly in joomla.

I have followed this tutorial creating _page and _text but when installing the template into joomla the buttons cannot link to the actual pages. It comes up with cannot find the about.html etc.
What am I doing wrong?

hope someone can help

not working

so far i've tried doing the same thing as the tutorial and nothing is working. everytime i hit the link it says:

Not Found

The requested URL /app/uploads/1191263859/Index.html was not found on this server.

exactly, what am i doing wrong?

With GIMP?

Is there a way to do this with GIMP?


hey there,
does anybody know how i can put a lightbox slightshow in a multipage website?
the pictures are allways on EVERY page and not where its suposed to.
i namened and grouped everything right, checkt it a hundred times…

Multi Page

Can you send me the PSD? We will have to look at how you are doing this.



What is the Best website

What is the Best website builder to Buy?

psd2css Online of course :)

psd2css Online of course :)


So, would this be the way to make a custom page for Wordpress?

Hi - No, you would use the

Hi -
No, you would use the _wordpress Layer Naming Convention.
Oh wait - 'custom page'? Currently that's only supported directly for Drupal themes. You should be able to hack the generated code to get custom pages for Wordpress too though if you want, but that will take some PHP coding.

image editing on photoshop

nice tutorial
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image editing on photoshop

nice tutorial
for improved digital photos on ur website go to
<a href="" rel="dofollow">image editing service</a>


Does this work for joomla?

Well, you've posted your

Well, you've posted your question on the _page Layer Naming Convention tutorial. I think _page would work, but there really is no reason to use _page on a Joomla site - Joomla is a CMS and should be in control of all your pages for you. So I guess the answer is yes, but I'd suggest against it for Joomla.

If your question is will psd2css Online generate themes for Joomla then the answer is absolutely yes! Check out the _joomla tutorials here:

Web design

Excellent tutorial!!!
<a href="">Web design</a>

Thanks for updating Video

Thanks for updating Video Tutorial. After reading your post now create a complete multipage website from a single photoshop file are very easy. <a href="">extreme networks training</a>

Note! - the PSD file for this tutorial has been updated

In the original version of this tutorial, the PSD file used had the _text Layer Naming Convention and the _page Layer Naming Convention combined in a single layer for the 'home' and 'about us' pages. This confused a lot of people so today I modified the PSD a little to be a more clear example of how _page works.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


quick question

Hey Shaun, You probably have answered this somewhere on the forum and I looked but didn't see..

Do you have hi-quality video's of all of the tutorials or just some of them?

Thank you,


BTW, I am blown away at how great this whole thing is!

Hey redzero - Thanks for the

Hey redzero -

Thanks for the kind words.
I don't have them all in hi-res - which one would you like to see?


Thank you!

I really appreciate it...



The one I'd like to see is:

Create a Complete Multipage Website from a Single Photoshop File

Don't go through too much trouble just for me! :-)


Josh (RedZero)

Hey Josh - Is the link to

Hey Josh -

Is the link to the high res version above still not good enough? That's the highest quality version of this one I have.


Has that been there this entire time? I must have missed it... I thought you put it up in response to my request... Ok, nevermind.. I can see this one great.

I sent you another email as well to support@psd2css.. It's a request but if it's not something you do, that's totally worries.. Let me know if you got it.

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