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Stylize Your Text Right in the Preview

Stylize Your Text Right in the Preview

The Text Stylizer - The best thing since sliced bread.

One of the biggest 'wish list' items has been to get your text directly into the design fast and easy. In the past, you had to open your generated HTML files with a text editor or Dreamweaver where you would add and stylize the text content for your site.

But no more!!

Announcing the psd2css Online Text Stylizer! Now when you view your converted design at psd2css Online, just click on any of the text areas that you built into your design with the _text Layer Naming Convention and Boom - you get a cool dialog right in the browser where you can add or edit the text for that spot, modify the font, the font size and color and more. Just make your changes right there in your preview! It's the ultimate in WYSIWYG (do people still use that acronym?) editing - this is literally your design served from a web server!

The best thing is that every time you click 'Save' on the Stylizer dialog, all your changes are saved back to the psd2css Online server and added to your design. You can click refresh on the browser and see your changes because they have already been baked into your site. And what's more the zip file that contains all your generated code is updated automatically too! So literally - upload your design, preview, add some text, stylize your text, then download the zip file that contains all your generated and stylized code - all without even leaving your browser! Hard to imagine it being any simpler or faster.

Now who's hungry?

The PSD file from the video is here:

wow this is great

does it work for wordpress stuff?

Very good feature

This is amazing!
Iam a member since 2 years now and will always be!
Psd2cssonline is the best thing since internet was created...

Thanks Shaun and Team for the great feature,


This is without a doubt a very handy feature. Any chance we will be getting anything utilizing the awesome features of @font-face any time soon?

Check this out to witness the potential:

I've really tried to get this to work with a website I've made with psd2cssonline but I'm just too clueless about coding. Honestly, even a simple tutorial would be awesome!!!

Keep up the excellent work, Shaun & Team!

Please - Need to be able to add custom fonts

This would be amazing.

I have been looking online but I am also too clueless about coding to get it to work.

Please give us a tutorial shaun! I hope my $20 a month is going towards something besides just bandwidth (new features)

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