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Full Page Backgrounds

Full Page Backgrounds

Until now all your psd2css Online generated pages were only as wide as your design without writing any custom code. Now you can add repeating background textures to your page quickly and easily without writing a single line of code. Use the new '_bodybg' Layer Naming Convention to designate a layer in your PSD file to use as the repeating background image for your entire page.

Click here for an example


i followed the steps in the video my_bodybg_jpg did not stretch do i need to upgrade to get that to happen?

_bodybg for horizontal gradients?


I have a gradient that is horizontal as opposed to vertical. Is there a way to do the same thing with my background but with a horizontal slice vs a vertical slice?



Hi MauiAces - _bodybg is both

Hi MauiAces -

_bodybg is both vertical and horizontal. But there is a horizontal repeat only feature in _bodybg_rx. Check out this video:



_bodybg both

Ah - that was not so clear to me - still not sure how it will work on a wide screen. I have a 1 pixel high by 1280 pixel wide bg image that goes (from left to right) green yellow green - all gradient into each other. Curious as to what it would look like wider than 1280.

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