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Put a Twitter Feed On Your Page

Put a Twitter Feed On Your Page

Let the people visiting your web site know exactly what your doing by adding your feed from the worlds leading micro blogging tool right to your page. Just draw a box into a layer in your PSD file where you would like the feed to be displayed, then name that layer 'YourTwitterName_twitter' (where you replace YourTwitterName with your real twitter id). That's it!

Check out this demo:

facebook feed?

i would really like to add my facebook feed in this way, how do i do that?

Twitter with t_menu / t_link

I'm wondering if there is any work around that allows a twitter feed in a "pop out" style t_menu box. In my psd, I have created a "t_link" layer as well as a "t_menu_sprouttherapy_twitter" layer.Currently psd2cssonline is doing everything right except it is translating the "t" as my twitter account name rather than the sprouttherapy. As such, I get the "" twitter feed on my page. Any potential solutions?

Found My Fix


This naming convention worked.

Change text color in twitter feed

Hi Shaun,

This is really cool, I only have one question how do we change the color of the text in the twitter feed?

more power!!!

Hey Russel - That'll be CSS

Hey Russel -

That'll be CSS that you modify by hand. But there is a really cool tool that you can use to get it just right before you have to go messing with the text or html editor. Firebug on Firefox is awesome - you can change the CSS live on any page at any time. Here is a quick video describing how to use it:

I think it's sort of oriented toward Drupal text but it will work for any sort of text on any page.


twitter update

my experimental page doesn't refresh the twitter without a page reload, any tweaks?

Hey jhanjon - I think I got

Hey jhanjon -

I think I got it. Try adding this to your psd2css.js file inside the $(document).ready(...) function:

      type: "GET",
      url: "",
      dataType: "script"
  }, 30000);

But change the 'shaunmci' in that to your twitter name (the same one you used in the _twitter layer name in the PSD file).

It will only update every 30 seconds, but that's because twitter won't allow more than 120 updates per hour. Also it 'pops' instead of some nice smooth animation - smooth animation would be a bit more code.

Let me know how that works!


Password Issue

Hi, When I place my twitter feed into my page I cant see it unless I enter my password, so it work for people who don't have twitter and just show my feed. Is there any way around this?

Hi mrpaulmahon - We're only

Hi mrpaulmahon -

We're only using a part of the Twitter API that just reads your posts - like the main twitter page even when you aren't logged in. The API call we're making does not require your (or anybody's) password. If we were to add the ability to post (or if you changed the code), then maybe it would need a password. But the code generated by psd2css Online doesn't require a twitter password to work.


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