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Tutorial 39: Background Image That Extends Horizontally Only (Video Tutorial)

Tutorial 39: Background Image That Extends Horizontally Only (Video Tutorial)

Right now in psd2css Online we have the '_bodybg' Layer Naming Convention - that will generate code to repeat a pattern horizontally across your page, but also vertically - it will fill the entire background of your page.

Now we have the new '_bodybg-rx' feature which will only make your image repeat across the page horizontally - in the 'x' direction. Check out the video to see how it's used.

HHP and fiancée set to have their white wedding in September

HHP and fiancée set to have their white wedding in September
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Two component of _bodybg_rx

in my template i actually have 2 bodybg-rx..but only one that works fine. The one on top is in absolute position...but second one as a footer is in relative position...i want the footer also expand in-x but in the same time its relatively move up and down according to can i solve this problem...

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Wordpress problem

Hi Sean,

This is what I need!!!! however unfortunate it is not displaying properly on wordpress >.< (its all aligned off the screen to the right)

So far most of the psd2css techniques have been of great help on creating a template for wordpress or websites however there are a few things that I would like to see in the near future being added in support of wordpress.

I have a few questions:
1) I would like to add a flash header onto the template (I can do it if I define the content_wordpress box over the header section but then the dates and posting data comes above it all)
2) A footer that sticks to the bottom of the page (not screen)
3) I've created a few mouse over link buttons in psd (the position is far from any editable content) yet when I upload it onto wordpress its all over the place depending on the amount of content on the page.

I've got a few more but, let me not push my luck lol :)

Would really appreciate if you could help me out on these queries,


solution to _bodybg-rx

ok there was a problem in processing the _bodybg-rx however I have figured out why. If you have a _center2 in effect make sure it doesn't go over/under the part you want to repeat and it will work. if you have anything that goes over or under the part it does not display for some unknown reason (sean can you collaborate please)

be grateful for

Thanks for your website, i´m learning a lot of thing in spite of english not are my strong... but I´m learning english too. I´m making a lot of proves.


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