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JPG Images vs. PNG Images

Differences Between JPG vs PNG

By default, all images psd2css Online creates for you are designated as PNG images. PNGs will keep any images you want transparent, but are very big images that take awhile to download.

For images with no transparency, label the image '_jpg', and it will load much quicker and at the same quality as a PNG.

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Reducing file size on generated JPG/PNG images

If you have the latest Photoshop CS5.5, you can simply re-save the generated PNG files (using the same name with making no changes) that are generated from Photoshop and this process will reduce the file size dramatically.

Here's how:
1. Open up the PNG file in Photoshop CS5.5
2. Select all (the entire canvas)
3. Move the image 1 pixel left
4. Move the image 1 pixel right (essentially back to default)
5. Close the image
6. The dialog save image will appear
7. Click ok or save
8. Notice the file size is drastically reduced (more on small images, less on large images)

You may also achieve this with JPGs by using "save for web and devices" from any version of Photoshop that supports it, but it's quite tedious (even with an actions macro) to go through a ton of images like this, but it still works nonetheless. For JPGs use the save for web with settings of medium JPG compression around 66. A generated 200kb JPG can be reduced to 20-50kb or even less depending on the pixel complexity in the image.

Benchmark test: 1024x822 solid light gray png generated by psd2css is 30kb - saved using method steps 1-7 above - now file is only 8kb. 1024x777 mixed grays jpg generated by psd2css is 205kb - saved using web and devices in Photoshop - now file is only 24kb.

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