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Tutorial 51: Relative Position for CSS Layers

Relative Position for CSS Layers

Sometimes you may want to allow the browser to move a particular CSS layer around relative to the other layers in the page. An advanced example might be a list of products for an online store front. You can make a relative CSS layer by using the '_relative' Layer Naming Convention. Just put the letters '_relative' anywhere in the name of your Photoshop layer and psd2css Online will generate a matching CSS layer that has a relative position rather than an absolute position. Since psd2css Online cascades the CSS layers, you can put your relative layer inside another 'container' layer. Then you might use some server or client side scripting to replicate that relative layer for each list item. This is a more advanced use of psd2css Online, but you Professional Web Developers can benefit from the head start getting something like this running for your clients.

One very important note here! Since a relative CSS layer is relative to anything else in it's parent layer (the layer that it is inside of), you probably don't want the JPG or PNG file in there that psd2css Online creates for you by default. So for a 'container' or parent layer of a relative layer, use the '_bkgnd' Layer Naming Convention to keep that image file out of the container layer.

Here is an example of how to use it for an expanding text area:

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