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Creating Online Forums

Creating Online Forums

There are a number of Layer Naming Conventions for making forms.

The main one is the '_form' layer name. If you put the letters '_form' anywhere in a layer name, then that layer and all the layers inside it become a form. The default form name is psd2css. The target for the form by default is blank which is fine - that just means that the same page will be requested when the form is submitted. If you choose to do this, then you will want to add some form handling code in whatever scripting language you prefer to handle the form submissions.

When you put layers inside that form layer that have the letters '_inputtext' in the layer name, a form text input field is generated. The image for the layer is replaced with the field (like for the '_text' layer naming convention). The field will be named whatever was in front of the '_inputtext' in the name. So for example, if you have a layer named 'address_inputtext', then psd2css Online will generate a form input field for you that has a name and id of 'address'.

There is also a '_textarea' feature that works similarily to the '_inputtext' feature. Use '_textarea' to define a multi-line input field.

Another type of form layer is the '_submit' layer. This is the link that submits your form. If you name a layer that is inside a form anything with the letters '_submit' and the letters '_link' or '_linkover' in it, then that layer becomes a button that submits your form. Also, a hidden form element is added called 'submitted' with the value 'submitted'. You can use this element to decide whether you have form data to process or not.

This is one of those things easier to see in action than to read about - so here is an example. I've posted Form.psd that you can use to experiment with. When you upload Form.psd to psd2css Online, an index.html file is generated. Since I have php available on my server, I renamed the index.html file to index.php and added this code just after the body tag:

Now the form page submits to itself and the form elements are displayed.

Here are the Form.psd file to download, and the modified index.php file:

Click here to see the video tutorial

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