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Multiple Frame Layers

Multiple Frame Layers

So I guess it was pretty obvious that putting more than one _frame layer on a page should just work. It's a common design paradigm. People would use it. And you let me know.

So yesterday I made a minor modification to how the _relative and _frame Layer Naming Conventions work together. Now you can put multiple _relative_frame layers (use both _relative and _frame in the same layer name) to get exactly what you want. Make sure you put them inside some container layer - it can even be _empty. The _relative_frame layers (and any content, text or other layers inside them) will stack up nicely in your container.

Here is an example of some _relative_frame layers in action. Click on the link to put random text inside the _relative_frame layers to see them work:

Here is the PSD file used to make that page:

Main frame?

What if your "main_text" is a content_wordpress (as mine is) and you need your "text back" to also expand via _frame? It doesn't work properly to have the frames sit side by side, when one expands, it either ends up below or forces the other frame down. I can't figure it out. I tried the _empty trick, but that doesn't seem to work for side by side _frames, only a _frame and an _text. Help!

Does it work for Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress?

Hi Shaun,
does it work with joomla and other CMS?
like _relative_frame_content_joomla for example?

Would be cool if that work, let us know if this is possible,


use it with joomla?

is it possible to use it with joomla? example:

having trouble creating tiling bg for 1 frame or layer

I have what I think is a simple 3 story layout - a header graphic, main body graphic and footer graphic. The main body graphic is designed to tile seamlessly so if the main body area grows so too will its background. No matter what the length of the page is I want this main body image to always line up perfectly, to hide seams, with the header and footer images. This is something SOOOO easy to do in tables but after many hours and dozens of tweaks to the file and layer names, layer orders and countless uploads I've failed to come even close to achieving this effect. The best I can do is create a perfectly lined up layout but with a main body area that inserts a scroll bar to accommodate added text rather than expanding the frame pushing all content further down the page (manually removing the scroll bar code doesn't help. Various experiments with renaming layers _frame_relative haven't worked either).

Since psd2css likes to have content *within* a frame or layer I wonder if my layout, which requires content to fit exactly edge to edge, is creating a problem and might be impossible to create here. I'm stumped!

Hi - I'm concerned about the

Hi -

I'm concerned about the phrases 'no matter what the length of the page' and 'always line up perfectly to hid seams'. Can you post the PSD file that you're working with? Thanks.


Self centering video

I stopped watching the video due to motion sickness.

Ha! Sorry about that. I was

Ha! Sorry about that. I was rushing to get inside the 10 minute YouTube limit. I'll look into remaking this one. Thanks!

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