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Keep Some Elements in your _frame In Place

Keep Some Elements in your _frame In Place

Suppose you want to use the new _frame Layer Naming Convention in your design. You have a main content area and a side bar menu area next to it. But you want the _frame graphic to encompass both the main content AND your menu. If you don't do something special, the _frame will expand with your main content and that menu will move down with the bottom of your _frame! Probably not what you're looking for.

But there is a solution! The trick is to use an _empty container layer for your menu that sticks out of the _frame. It's a technique that takes advantage of the psd2css Online notion of layers that are 'inside' other layers. I wrote about some time ago here:

Here is an example of the technique in action (and a cool javascript button to show off the _frame feature at work too):

Here is the PSD file used to make that page:


Hi Shaun,

I´ve problems to fix my footer, when my contents grows, it will be cutted by the footer. ( my psd-layers ) ( my layout )

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance,
greetings from cologne, germany


How would you make a separate background for the footer. Is there a _footerbg? See because my gradient runs into white. Then the content has a _frame tag. What I want is the background on the footer go all the way across as well as the body background. The sticky footer isnt what I want either because I want it to stick to the bottom of the expanded content rather.

I need this also..

Have you found a solution to this? I, too, want the footer to work like _bodybg_ and stay relative to the _frame above it --> not sticky.


Any suggestions on how to do this?

Are there any suggestions on how to make sure the footer stays relative to the text areas above it?

Left menu now spills over frame

I used this feature and it worked, ensuring that the menu stays put, but now I have one page where the left menu runs longer than the content and so is cut in half by the frame - is there anyway to name the frame so that it stays below either the left OR the content, i.e. whichever is longer?

site is - 'polls' page is the problematic one

Solution please

I have the exact same problem - I want the frame to be the size of either my left or my content, whichever is longest. Could someone present a solution? I don't mind doing a js or css hack, I just want it fixed.

I want to use a repeating

I want to use a repeating graphic as an HTML frame border. How do I do this? I have a "curtain" type background as surrounding frames, but I would like to add tassels along the bottom or sides of the frames. Is there a way to add a repeating tassel graphic as a frame border?

Hi florancy - I'm not sure I

Hi florancy -

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're trying to accomplish, but I think you can get it to happen by manually editing the generated code. You're going to want whatever layer that you want to have repeating art be a _bkgnd layer (so that the image is a CSS background-url instead of an actual img tag). Then you can edit the PNG or JPG that was created for you for that layer and make it something that repeats.

If that doesn't sound like I'm addressing your question, maybe you could post an example PSD file here.



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