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An Improved Tutorial for Expanding Joomla Themes

An Improved Tutorial for Expanding Joomla Themes

First of all, I fixed the Joomla feature in psd2css Online to not allow your content to go flowing out of your design by default. Until yesterday, if you made a nice 900 pixel tall Joomla Template for example, but your content was 3000 pixels high, it would just flow out of your design and look terrible. The only option at that point was the Expanding Template trick that I have a couple of videos about here. But that's complicated and now might not even be necessary. Try your design again on psd2css Online and see if the new way content stays confined to the content area is good for you.

BUT - if it's not :) Then you still probably want to do the Expanding Template technique. Here is an improved tutorial/example for how to do that. In this example we have a video tutorial, we have a live website that uses the technique, and at the website we have a much more indepth text description of exactly how to do the Expanding Template technique. The example uses Joomla, but the technique is the same for Drupal and WordPress templates.

Here is the live site:

Can you post the psd in this video?

Other video tuts like this on the site here include an example psd file as seen in the video. Can you please include this one too? I'd really appreciate it. I'm sure others would too. That way we can look at, study it, and take all the time we need to figure out how to do it properly so it works when we upload our psd.

i also asked myself whats

i also asked myself whats about left layer and right where to put them

Hi mistertristan - You can

Hi mistertristan -

You can see all the supported regions for Joomla templates here:

And you put them whereever you want :) That's what's so great about this tool, your design is what is generated in code.



What about adding left and

What about adding left and right content modules? I have content for those that i want to add an expanding border and expanding content in addition to the main column content

Backgrounds aren't showing up

I've tried this tutorial several times and I can't get the content backgrounds to show up. Anything I put in the middle_relative_bkgnd layer just disappears. My bottom_relative layer also disappears. Any background I have behind them shows up, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'd be happy to email the psd to anyone who might be able to help.

can you do it for me?

Excellent video Sean... I adapted my psd as instructed, and did the conversion with your tool, but get an error when uploading it to Joomla...and I also FTP's a copy but it does not show up in the Template list :( I sent you the file yesterday to proservices@... can you just do it for me?


open up the zipped file and upload the file inside the template folder directly to ur tamplate folder within joomla

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